About Linguamax

about us_34391287-w800-h600Linguamax is much more than a translation agency. We can help you express yourself perfectly in any language and strengthen your global market position. We can help you understand your key business partners, your competitors or a new market that you want to enter. Talking the right language is the key to many a business deal.

Since 1995, Linguamax, a UK-based translation agency, has played a key role as one of the UK’s most respected language services companies. If you need help with a translation or an interpreting project, we can find the right translator and interpreter for you: whatever the language. Our translators produce top-level translations and we supply fully qualified interpreters to help your business strengthen its global market position. We have built up a loyal following of clients who value the personal attention we bring to every job, as well as our ability to solve even the trickiest of language-related challenges.

Linguamax covers a rich portfolio of global languages from Albanian to Zulu. Medical and pharmaceutical translation is a key area of industry expertise and we support the life sciences industry in its global ventures. We also have expert translators and interpreters available for assignments in the following areas, to name but a few of the most popular: legal, technical, information technology, financial, creative, government, manufacturing and media.


Linguamax is the brainchild of Grace Azadvar. Polish born and quadri-lingual, Grace has lived and worked in the UK since 1976. Her Polish heritage has ensured that English to Polish translation is the company’s top language pair.

Grace’s extensive experience in many areas of activity has built a sound appreciation of business and business needs. With an unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of language activity she remains actively involved with clients and is directly involved in the selection of language specialists and insists on a rigorous attention to detail.

Qualified MITI Member Her belief in professional competence is exemplified by memberships of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting – both leading professional bodies.