Client Sectors

clientsectors2We work with a diverse range of client sectors, including investment banks, medical research companies, law firms, manufacturing companies, media agencies and international oil companies.

Life sciences

Linguamax has been providing medical and pharmaceutical translations services in the UK for the past 20 years. Our linguists are experienced and suitably qualified medical and pharmaceutical translators, frequently with degrees in medicine or related fields, such as microbiology. We understand complex medical and pharmaceutical terminology thus ensuring that translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest projects. For more information on our medical and pharmaceutical translation services, please contact Linguamax to discuss your translation and interpreting needs.

Manufacturing and precision engineering

We support our clients in the field of precision manufacturing, enabling them to connect with their colleagues in overseas subsidiaries.  Our linguists are experts in the specific business terminology which in turn ensures a naturally sounding translation into the local language.

Government & the public sector

Our work in this area includes: European business, overseas trade, health and safety and court interpreting.

Media, advertising & PR

Our work in this area includes: subtitles, scripts, advertisements, brochures, newsletters, posters, websites, marketing materials, catalogues, leaflets, other sales literature, press releases, market research questionnaires, guidebooks and consumer satisfaction surveys.

Financial & banking

Our work in this area includes: corporate presentations, tender documents, financial reports (inc. annual reports), statements, financial results, strategy & investment proposals, statutory auditors reviews, IPO’s.

Technical & IT

Our work in this area includes: technical specifications, reports, operator instructions, software and hardware manuals, user guides for TV/hi-fi and other electronic equipment, Material Safety Data Sheets, patents, technical maintenance manuals, product information, estimates, software strings, digital camera instructions, automotive documents, oil & gas industry, guidebooks.

Legal & insurance translation

Legal writing makes extensive use of technical terminology. Legal documents are full of complex vocabulary, specialised words and phrases unique to law and have a very formal style. It is very important that they are accurately translated to avoid misinterpretation. Linguamax provides legal translation service to businesses, solicitors firms and government departments – we have a wealth of experience in handling a challenging diversity of legal translation projects. We are also able to arrange for the legal translations to be authenticated by an official notary, as may be required by certain authorities and governmental bodies. For more information on our legal and insurance translation services, please contact Linguamax to discuss further.